October 4, 1995


Dear Judge Melville:

At the October 3, 1995, City. Council meeting, it was voted to accept the Santa Barbara County Grand Jury 1995-96 Interim Final Report on the Santa Barbara Police Department's peace keeping efforts during the final nights of Fiesta dated September 18, 1995 pursuant to Penal Code Section 933C.

First of all, I would like to thank members of the Grand Jury for accompanying our Police Officers during Fiesta and for writing a favorable report of what they observed. The men and women of the Police Department, as well as other agencies involved, are very appreciative of this kind of feedback from the members of the Grand Jury.

In relation to Finding #1 and Recommendation #1, the Police Department has established a track record of working cooperatively with other law enforcement agencies to deal with these major events, as the Grand Jury noted. It is our intention to continue to do that and especially to work closely with Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) to provide effective service to the lower State Street bars.

Finding #2 and Recommendation #2 relate to the music and Fiesta activities setting the tone for crowd behavior. We concur with that observation, and will ask Chief Breza, as a member of the Board of Directors of Old Spanish Days, to work with the organization to attempt to concentrate on the more traditional type bands as recommended by the Grand Jury.

And, Finding #3 discusses the bathroom facilities at De la Guerra Plaza and the lack of appropriate signage directing the citizenry to those bathrooms. We agree with the Jury's findings and will ask staf f to work with the appropriate City departments to see that this is accomplished for next year's activities.

Once again, I would like to thank the members of the Grand Jury who took time to work with our Police Officers and for their comments supporting the efforts of the whole host 6'f law enforcement personnel who worked on this major event.

Harriet Miller


cc: Sandra E. Lizarraga, City Administrator Richard A. Breza, Chief of Police Dave Davis, community Development Director Richard Johns, Parks and Recreation Director Mike Harling, El Presidente, Old Spanish Days Grand Jury